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Published 20th Feb 2013 by gianina under Uncategorized
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Published 11th Aug 2011 by gianina under Uncategorized


I really like this and thought I would share!

Robert Pattinson in an interview, recently admitted to that he reads his fan
mail and that when first cast as undead Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of
Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, he received mail from many haters who did not want to see
him portray the hunky Edward.  He went on to admit that after the release of the trailer for
the film, however, everything began to turn around.

The amount of loving and admiring fans these days far exceeds those nay-sayers of the
past. Keep spreading the love to Robert and the rest of the cast of Twilight.  They do
appreciate it.

I remember when Return of the Jedi (the third installment in the Star Wars saga)
was released.  I sent a letter to Carrie Fisher expressing my devotion to the films.
As luck would have it, Carrie sent me a hand-signed autographed photo of herself
from the movie that I have to this day. Click to continue »

Published 11th Jun 2009 by gianina under New Moon

Those of us who have read New Moon realize how dark and depressing it is. Even
Robert Pattinson voiced his concern about its darkness in a recent interview.

Will Summit Entertainment and director Chris Weitz be able to lighten it up a
bit for Hollywood? I can only imagine parents’ cries of outrage as we watch Bella
repeatedly try to kill herself, with the hopes that Edward will come and save her.

I, for one, am curious to see how it will all unfold. Reading New Moon was difficult
enough, due to how depressing and dismal it was. I wonder how sitting through two
hours of seeing it played onscreen will be. What do you think?

Published 20th May 2009 by gianina under Twilight the Movie

I’ve spoken to several other women and we all agree: while Twilight the movie was
riveting and really romantic, because it was rated PG13, some parts left us, well…
wanting a little more detail. I know that Stephanie Meyer was writing for a teenage
audience, and I respect her moral choices. But what will satisfy our curiosity about
vampire/human sex?

I’ve recently found the answer, thanks to HBO: True Blood. Although parts of True
Blood are jarring (aside from just the Southern drawls and foul language), it’s sexy
and hot. The acting is somewhat questionable but the storyline makes you eager to
watch the next episode. Each one seems to end with a cliffhanger.

So, what do y’all prefer: True Blood or Twilight?

Published 5th May 2009 by gianina under New Moon, Uncategorized

Since much of the Twilight sequel, New Moon,
takes place in Italy (the Volturi segments, at least),
I decided to do a little Googling and learn about
some vampire supersitions in Italy.

In March, the Associated Press reported that the
remains of a woman believed to be a 16th
Century vampire were dug up north of Venice in

Apparently, it was  an old Italian tradition to bury
believed vampires with a brick in their mouth.

This is the first instance of actual archeaological
evidence of real vampires. The remains were
dated and the woman was believed to have
died during a plague. There was another mass
grave nearby.

Published 22nd Apr 2009 by gianina under I Was a Teenage Vampire

I awoke with a stabbing pain in my gut. My mouth was dry and my very being parched.
How long had I been out? Where was I?

I slowly looked around me and ran my tongue over my scabbed lower lip. Had I bitten it?
Was it simply chapped?
I felt a sudden chill. I was in the middle of a thick wood. A full
moon shone overhead. It was just like a horror movie. And I was the star.

I looked down at my body to find that it was suddenly foreign to me, as if I was looking
at someone else. My stockings were ripped clear from my hip to my knee. I was missing a
shoe. There was a huge gash in my black lace corset that left my right breast subject to
the bitter cold. I was laying in a pool of thick, warm blood. Did I have my period? Was I

I tried to think back to where I was before this. I had been working a double shift at the
bar. It was Fetish Night. Celia had called in sick. Damn her. Always taking advantage
of me.  
The bar was packed, the music loud.

I wiggled my toes and made sure that I could walk. I slowly got up, holding onto a tree for
support. I had to find my way out. I scanned my periphery quickly. And then I felt the hairs
on the back of my neck stand up. I felt someone watching…

Published 22nd Apr 2009 by gianina under Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, New Moon

I absolutely love Twilight, including all of the actors:
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Nikki Reed and
Peter Facinelli, to name a few. When I came across
these photos online earlier today, I was really

I’m sure that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
are well aware of the social impact they have on
teenagers these days. All they have to do is a quick
Google search to see the hundreds of pages created
in emulation and adoration of their Twilight work.
I know that Stephanie Meyer certainly didn’t write
smoking parts into her Twilight saga. Then why?
Why do they have to be so irresponsible?

I’m a thirty-one year old woman who brazenly smoked
throughout my twenties.  I’ll admit, I loved it. Being a writer, I relished my
guilty pleasure and even fooled myself into believing that I relied on smoking
for my creativity. However, once I turned thirty-0ne, reality set in. A close friend
of mine had her lung collapse, and was incidentally in a coma for eight days,
before being diagnosed with lung cancer.  She was only 33.

After that, I fought an uphill battle for months, and I am happy to say that today
I am nearly six months quit. Each day has been a challenge, and I am so thankful
for my successful quit that I would never go back. When I saw the cast of New Moon
smoking, I couldn’t even believe it. Is it a hoax? Did someone mess with photos of
the actors in order to create a scandal, or even mere disapproval? Are Kristen Stewart
and Robert Pattinson simply unaware of the implicit responsibility that is tenuous to
their success and that of the movie? Don’t they know that they are the latest teen role
models? Are they merely Twilight smokers (those that only smoke at night)?

In any case, hopefully teenagers realize that only those who are blessed or cursed
(depending on how you look at it) with immortality can safely smoke cigarettes. I know
it may seem uncool for me to reiterate yet another anti-tobacco sentiment, but people
gotta know. Especially in this economy, I’d rather spend ten bucks on some cool
Twilight merchandise or even a blank journal than a pack of cigarettes.

Published 16th Apr 2009 by gianina under Bella and Edward, Twilight the Movie

One of the most amazing parts of watching the movie
“Twilight”, for me, was seeing concrete representations
of the amazing things I had read about in the book.

Although I was disappointed by some of those
representations (let’s face it: although Rob Pattinson is
pretty hot, NO ONE actually compares to Stephanie
Meyer’s Edward Cullen), one thing by which I was
amazed, in the the movie, was the Cullens’ beautiful,
aesthetically perfect, house.

From the outside alone, the house is completely stunning.
The clean lines and crystal clear windows, in the midst of the lush forest leave no
feeling other than peaceful zen. The openness of the interior and the flow of the
house, in spite of seeming quite expensive, feels homey and comfortable.

The actual house, called “The Hoke House,” was designed by architect Jeff Kovel, from ‘Skylab Architecture’. It sprawls 4300 square feet, and was built by Metcalf Construction. Lucy Metcalf was the landscaper and interior designer.

This house is so inviting, it would be sure to entice even the most skiddish person to join an entire vampire family for dinner.

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